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2020-07-10: Loving my new mug from the county fair

2020-06-30: Happy #Pride y’all. I’m eternally grateful to this community for teaching me what real …

2020-06-30: If you haven’t heard of @hankchizljaw’s CUBE CSS, check out the new docs. I already love CSS, but …

2020-06-29: I see designers constantly share these sketches that look almost identical to the finished thing and …

2020-06-27: OH: I don’t want to see my step-grandma’s boobs!

2020-06-25: This is the article I meant to post the other day about building an economy that benefits people …

2020-06-23: Rooting for all the progressives in their primaries today. We deserve leaders who fight for the …

2020-06-22: Finished my taxes for 2019 and it’s just hilarious that I’m sending the US government …

2020-06-19: Stop telling me “this is the most important election of our lifetime” and then endorse a racist who …

2020-06-19: OH: My stress management class is making me stressed.

2020-06-18: ‪I finally watched The Matrix tonight for the first time ever. It was fantastic. The Wachowskis are …

2020-06-16: ‪As much as I miss basketball, I don’t think sports should return yet. It’ll be a distraction from …

2020-06-14: If you haven’t watched Astronomy Club on Netflix, you’re missing out

2020-06-14: Two day weekends are bullshit

2020-06-13: Happy birthday to one of the most kind, generous, beautiful, and loving humans I know. I’m lucky to …

2020-06-11: ‪What a time to be alive. The racists just out themselves‬

2020-06-04: Just bawled my eyes out watching _Just Mercy.

2020-05-09: Today I’m celebrating five years being married to one of the best people I know. Lots has changed …

2020-05-08: Two months without a haircut

2020-05-03: Any cool discord servers to join?? Suggestions!

2020-04-21: I think it’s pretty funny to get ads for swimwear or luggage right now. Like, are these …

2020-04-20: No matter how hard I try, I always spell seperate wrong.

2020-03-31: I can’t help be disappointed with this news: Apple Buys Dark Sky

2020-03-30: It ain’t even “Monday’s amirite?” anymore… It’s more like, “Days amirite?!”

2020-03-29: I made another song today. Much better than yesterday’s lol

2020-03-28: ‪I’ve spent most of my day making the worst hip hop song ever, but it was a nice distraction from …

2020-03-26: The coronavirus email I didn’t know I needed was my local dispo offering delivery 🙌🏽

2020-03-25: I’d really like to learn more about making music in Logic Pro X. Any recommendations of indie …

2020-03-17: Switched on Pop has a great episode breaking down Bad Bunny’s new album. Even if you don’t speak …

2020-03-16: I can’t believe that on top of everything, I still have to worry about sending this government …

2020-03-16: “the coronavirus is revealing […] just how much of contemporary American life is bullshit, …

2020-03-12: I have aged so much this week. Last week feels like years ago

2020-03-11: Here’s a good Wednesday reminder: Fat jokes are not only offensive, they also show how lazy …

2020-03-05: ‪I’m really enjoying the new Bad Bunny album.‬

2020-02-26: ‪Today I’m lamenting my lack of a Fuji X-T4 review. Damn!

2020-02-25: Today is one of those days where I’m jealous that I don’t have a Sony 20mm review coming …

2020-02-24: Whenever my legs get cold, I just open a few tabs in Chrome and my MacBook gets them nice and toasty

2020-02-21: Dear Apple, I’d love more control over how playlists display in the sidebar on macOS. Maybe …

2020-02-20: The hair is gorgeously blue today. Coloring my hair is easily one of the coolest things I’ve decided …

2020-02-19: When is Apple Music going to add support for IG stories??

2020-02-12: Love my new Baby Yoda mug!

2020-02-11: So glad @vincent’s app Gluon is on the App Store. An awesome third-party app for Micro.blog

2020-02-11: My 2020 Channel Update premieres tomorrow! Hit that Set reminder button 🙏🏽❤️

2020-02-11: Just thought I’d let y’all know that Bright Pixels will go offline in two days. I …

2020-02-09: I’m brainstorming new videos to make for YouTube. If there’s something you’d love …

2020-02-09: ‪I had a dream where I was friends with Cookie Monster, and every time I’d stop by his house, he’d …

2020-02-07: Casey’s new app Peek-a-View looks really cool. I love apps like this that solve a very …

2020-02-06: New portraits

2020-01-29: This song is so beautiful, but that harp is truly the cherry on top

2020-01-28: Mark your calendars! My review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order premiere’s tomorrow!

2020-01-27: I’m selling my Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens. Like new, comes with all the original stuff: …

2020-01-26: Apple TV+, A Few Months In

2020-01-21: I redid my landing page ttimsmith.com

2020-01-15: Blogging with WordPress.com has been a joy. Picking a theme and writing is easy and the block editor …

2020-01-14: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you have a personal blog, share that URL!

2020-01-13: Who knew I could spell ambidextrous right on the first try? And on a Monday?! This is the type of …

2019-12-30: I can’t even handle the funk of this song. Headphones on for this one fam

2019-12-28: Update on the Ulysses Error: I figured it out friends! Turns out that my host was blocking all …

2019-12-28: Any of my fellow WordPress peeps seen this error before?

2019-12-27: If you haven’t watched The Mandalorian… Don’t sleep on this show. It’s Star Wars the way it’s …

2019-12-26: I updated my list of favorite Star Wars movies. I’d love to see your list!

2019-12-20: New shirt that Kelly bought me! I love it 🥰

2019-12-17: I remember when I used to write on my blog. I miss that.

2019-12-14: Today I learned there’s something called a “penis fish”

2019-12-09: If you haven’t watched The World According to Jeff Goldblum, do yourself a favor and watch it. Jeff …

2019-12-04: If you haven’t experienced your music with a good pair of open back headphones, put that shit …

2019-12-04: These “Replay” playlists on Apple Music are the shit. So many songs I’d forgotten …

2019-11-21: I miss making podcasts so much

2019-11-17: Disney+ is 100 percent worth every penny. Holy shit.

2019-11-16: Boy do I love purple. Feeling good

2019-11-06: It’s disappointing to see brands that stop at 2XL as if us fat people don’t exist. Do …

2019-11-03: Sunset at the beach

2019-10-30: This is very true! What Barack Obama gets exactly right about our toxic ‘cancel’ culture

2019-10-26: Damn. We clean up good

2019-10-24: 😍

2019-10-23: So is it safe to download Catalina?

2019-10-22: Hate speech isn’t free speech.

2019-10-22: Breakfast!

2019-10-20: Sunday brunch at the harbor

2019-10-18: Cat cafe was so fun

2019-10-07: Hot damn! I’m in love with my hair

2019-10-06: Joker was nothing short of fantastic. I mean, I didn’t expect how good it would be.

2019-10-02: I’m officially going purple tomorrow… so excited.

2019-09-26: Is it me, or did all developers stop writing on Medium and move to dev.to? Y’all know that …

2019-09-24: I feel like I need to designate someone special to clear out my “recently deleted” photo folder when …

2019-09-15: I’d like to take a moment to give a big 🖕🏽to restraunts that don’t make booths accessible for fat …

2019-09-13: Looks like I won’t be watching SNL this season.

2019-09-11: 18 years ago today, I was in line for my fourth grade class when I overheard a classmate ask, “did …

2019-09-06: I watched the first episode of Shrill… parts of it brought me to tears. I love everything they’re …

2019-09-04: Ok, Bright Pixels is back from Summer vacation tomorrow.

2019-09-02: My dream is to smoke a joint with Seth Rogen.

2019-08-31: Beach day

2019-08-29: Holy shit. I had an amazing idea for a screenplay today.

2019-08-28: I see so many people use language that implies it’s wrong to take money for things you work on …

2019-08-26: When I was in the depths of my depression I wondered if I ever was going to feel some semblance of …

2019-08-23: One of my favorite mugs

2019-08-22: Some people mooch more than financially… they mooch emotionally. That shit sucks.

2019-08-22: Somedays I wonder if I’d ruin everything if I opened an Instagram account again…

2019-08-22: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you want to hear your music the way the …

2019-08-21: I need to call the IRS today and I really don’t want to. I’ve got so much anxiety about …

2019-08-19: If you’re at Clarity this week, I’m insanely jealous! But I also hope you have a great …

2019-08-16: Planning on taking an acting class this Fall, because I’m done not believing in myself.

2019-08-13: I’m in a creative rut. I keep listening to that voice that says I don’t have anything …

2019-08-12: I just tried using the force to get the remote on the other side of the room… in case you’re …

2019-08-09: One day I hope to be cool enough to go by just one name. Any suggestions? I’m pretty sure it …

2019-08-07: Boy, it’s nice to read stuff like this

2019-08-07: And to clarify, even my shittiest writing is valuable to me, because if anyone is going to profit …

2019-08-07: It’s disappointing how many people continue to put their valuable writing on Medium.

2019-07-31: My parents pulled me out of sex ed when I was in school, so watching this video was hilarious

2019-07-29: Decided to make my own avocado toast this morning.

2019-07-26: I love this

2019-07-26: The irony of someone saying “I don’t normally hold gruges”, and then voicing their …

2019-07-26: You ever wonder if you have potential for something, but you’ve never been serious about it? …

2019-07-25: Started off the day by realizing our car had been towed. What a day.

2019-07-24: 🤮to anyone who says “crush it”

2019-07-22: I get tired of how so many shows and movies use someone’s weight as a way to make jokes.

2019-07-16: I’m so happy to not be buying anything for Prime Day this year. The fact that it coincides with me …

2019-07-01: It’s July. I’ve been pretty much unemployed since the middle of February. This isn’t how this year …

2019-06-28: Anyone out there know how to get vital medication without health insurance? Asking for… well… me.

2019-06-24: Friends don’t let friends not EQ their audio tracks!

2019-06-21: Any day is a good day to say something kind to someone else and to add two-factor auth to your …

2019-06-14: I’ve been tracking my time with Toggl for the past few weeks and it’s been insanely helpful

2019-06-12: I’m looking for freelance work! Here’s what I do: Podcast Editing Screencast/Video Editing Website …

2019-06-11: Be very cautious of working full-time on a contractor basis with the promise of a W-2. Twice already …

2019-06-10: I think it’s a mistake for Kevin Durant to play. I hope he doesn’t risk his career for what might …

2019-06-09: Who do I talk to at Apple to get universal skin tone selection for emoji?

2019-06-09: The Black Mirror episode with Miley Cyrus was as bad as I heard it was.

2019-06-07: Now that I think of it, I should’ve done a whole screencast series on this process…

2019-06-07: Moving Bright Pixels WordPress has been a lot of fun. It’s been an exciting challenge to …

2019-06-06: Today is an Elton John kind of a day.

2019-06-05: Celebrating Bokeh’s success with a sushi date night

2019-06-05: You know, I really miss Instagram. I’m that person that loves to keep in touch with people. Better …

2019-06-05: Cool news peeps! Bright Pixels now has full commenting and webmention support!

2019-06-04: last chance to back this! Bokeh: Private, ad-free, and user-funded photo sharing …

2019-06-03: We did it.

2019-06-03: The Bokeh Kickstarter is a little over $500 shy of its goal with only 35 hours to go! Help me give …

2019-06-03: Was it just me, or did it sound like you have to buy the stand separately from this new pro display?

2019-06-03: So excited for this WWDC keynote.

2019-06-01: I really wish I could be at WWDC. I hope y’all have fun.

2019-06-01: Thinking of bringing back my video tutorials on various web-related things. I really enjoy sharing …

2019-05-31: I had no idea David Sparks played the sax! Buy his latest Keyboard Maestro Field Guide to find out …

2019-05-31: I wish I had an Android phone to try out Dialog. Exciting to see it open sourced

2019-05-30: We’re only 5 days away, and the Bokeh Kickstarter is so close to being funded. Now is a great …

2019-05-30: Those of you writing a linkblog on WordPress, how do you get a normal feed with links pointing to …

2019-05-29: I’ve been making websites for like 13 years now and I had to look up how to link to a favicon. …

2019-05-28: The Kickstarter for Bokeh only has 7 days left! If you’ve been on the fence, now is a great …

2019-05-24: How can it possibly be Friday again? Time is flying.

2019-05-23: We are so close with only 12 days to go! If you’re interested in Bokeh, now is a great time to back …

2019-05-23: I wish people would hide articles from their site instead of deleting them. I’ve got a bunch of 404s …

2019-05-23: Loving Bill Nye’s new podcast: Science Rules!

2019-05-23: Instagram website leaked phone numbers and emails for months, researcher says - CNET

2019-05-23: You got this. Maybe you’ve even wasted time and energy on mental ju-jitsu like this: “I believe in …

2019-05-23: What are people using to record screencasts these days?

2019-05-21: I wish there was a way to mute [at]channel or [at]here in Slack. It’s constantly abused.

2019-05-21: I’m so excited to be on this week’s episode of @monday with @macgenie! We had such a fun chat, and …

2019-05-20: I figured out how to write, edit, and publish in Markdown on WordPress. It was not easy. Should I …

2019-05-16: I came across this post by @manton again, and it still brings me so much peace.

2019-05-16: People have been incredibly kind in helping me spread the word about Bokeh. No matter what happens, …

2019-05-15: The Bokeh Kickstarter just hit $7k! Holy moly!

2019-05-15: No matter what time I come to Costco, this place is freaking packed.

2019-05-14: Boy, WordPress still hasn’t gotten its act together on Markdown! I have to use Jetpack? Then I …

2019-05-14: I’m really impressed with the adjustments the Warriors have made without KD. Their brand of …

2019-05-14: Migrating 700 posts over to WordPress. Why do I do this to myself?

2019-05-13: What’s the best way of deploying WordPress via Git these days?

2019-05-13: I needed to hear this. Cynicism kills progress

2019-05-13: All these static blog thingamajigs are cool and all until you try to publish from iOS. Everything is …

2019-05-12: Kawhi Leonard. My goodness.

2019-05-12: This reimagined take of the fight between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan is fantastic

2019-05-11: App Store Pricing | Becky Hansmeyer More than ever I realize that it’s futile to try to compete on …

2019-05-11: My heart goes out to Stephen. What an incredible (and I’m sure scary) journey. Moments

2019-05-10: What I love about video games is that it’s about the only place where I’m the best …

2019-05-10: We just hit 100 backers! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and shared this project!

2019-05-10: Until Bokeh pays the bills, I’m looking for freelance editing work! I do both audio and video …

2019-05-10: This episode of Automators has me really excited to try out Drafts

2019-05-09: Grab these headphones while you can. You won’t regret it.

2019-05-09: This is some great advice from Sara Dietschy

2019-05-09: I balled my eyes out listening to the first part of this episode of Reply All. It’s a touching story …

2019-05-09: Celebrating four fantastic years with Kelly. I’m incredibly grateful to have her in my life.

2019-05-08: I was about to sit down to record a podcast, and suddenly they start power washing right outside my …

2019-05-08: I changed the $1000 reward to be a lifetime family account. I hope that’ll make that reward …

2019-05-08: Kelly: Hey can you get us tickets to see [redacted] die again? Haha! She’s so savage.

2019-05-07: I’m am so grateful for all the support for Bokeh. It means so much to me.

2019-05-06: Ever since I noticed Castro version their apps Year.x, I’ve been using it for everything. Software …

2019-05-06: Today is the day. The Kickstarter for Bokeh is officially live. Watch the video, back the project, …

2019-05-03: I just got Cayenne pepper in my eye. It was about as great as you can imagine.

2019-05-03: It’s the weekend before Bokeh’s Kickstarter. I’m so nervous, yet excited at the …

2019-05-03: Bard Colbow nails it video after video and his thoughts on the recent Adobe news is spot on.

2019-05-02: Just finished filming a-roll for the Bokeh Kickstarter video

2019-05-02: I did all the writing for the Bokeh Kickstarter page yesterday and it has me so pumped! Today is …

2019-04-30: KD had an amazing game. I wish I had half of his offensive chops.

2019-04-29: I had this in my drafts folder but @andybelldesign beat me to it. Relative sizing with em units is …

2019-04-23: I am two weeks from launching a Kickstarter! Please help me share the mailing list for Bokeh! …

2019-04-22: I’m looking for an iOS Developer to help me with @bokehdotpics. If you or someone you know are …

2019-04-18: Sony full-frame shooters: What’s the lightweight versatile prime lens do you have in your kit? …

2019-04-17: One of the best purchases I’ve ever made are these Sennheiser HD 600 headphones

2019-04-12: Is there an app they won’t put stories in?!

2019-04-11: I’m selling my Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. It has a Canon mount, but if you shoot Sony I’ll throw in the …

2019-04-10: We had a great time in the pool today.

2019-04-10: Us watching HGTV: Me: Oh my goodness, I could see myself cooking in that kitchen! Her: Could you see …

2019-04-09: If you’re a reader of Bright Pixels: do you prefer the light theme or dark theme?

2019-04-08: Any recruiter that’s done their homework wouldn’t reach out to me for a Senior React Dev position.

2019-04-08: The Simpsons is so funny y’all.

2019-04-08: Some more photos of my office in our new apartment. I love how much natural light there is!

2019-04-08: Nothing like some afternoon decaf.

2019-04-08: ⭐️ VS Code Pro Tip ⭐️ If you’ve got a ton of folders open in the sidebar, you can click on the …

2019-04-08: When The Sweet Setup published their pick for the best email app for Mac, I vehemently disagreed. I …

2019-04-07: It’s absolutely stupid that Credit Karma doesn’t let you unsubscribe from their annoying promotional …

2019-04-05: I’m happy about this one. I added a blogroll to Bright Pixels

2019-04-03: I migrated Bright Pixels over to Statamic and liking it! The control panel is very well designed, …

2019-03-28: Being bitter, petty, and jaded is a choice; being positive and uplifting is too. I’m trying to be …

2019-03-26: You can’t get fired from a show with your name on it right? Ladies and gents, this is The Tim …

2019-03-26: If your sales team ask customers to setup a time to “chat” and they don’t respond, the …

2019-03-26: A family is outside in the hot tub and they brought their tiny dog which is the cutest thing ever. …

2019-03-26: Wow. App Store Connect is a complete mess.

2019-03-25: I don’t understand cash-only businesses. It’s such an inconvenience. Some even have an …

2019-03-25: My office in the new place is all setup!

2019-03-24: This report on how Jehovah’s Witnesses are being persecuted unjustly in Russia is striking

2019-03-24: Opensignal Report Finds AT&T’s Made-Up ‘5G E’ Service Is Slower Than 4G Service From T-Mobile …

2019-03-24: The State of Agile Software in 2018

2019-03-22: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m considering migrating brightpixels.blog …

2019-03-22: My Micro.blog stickers arrived!! Thanks @manton!

2019-03-22: My family bought us a welcome back cake! Man, it’s good to be home.

2019-03-21: I believe: Your data shouldn’t be mined to sell you targeted ads. Your timeline should be …

2019-03-20: I really enjoyed this episode of Build Your SaaS. Their conversation at the end around hate speech …

2019-03-20: Carrot always makes me laugh

2019-03-20: Google announces Stadia gaming platform

2019-03-20: I think this is the best way I’ve explained what Bokeh is about up until now.

2019-03-19: Always enjoy updates from @manton on Timetable and I agree! Sunlit 2.4 is really good

2019-03-19: Podnews is a podcasting newsletter that I’ve been loving recently. So much valuable information in …

2019-03-19: Y Combinator bets on the booming podcast industry

2019-03-18: I setup an Upcoming page for Bokeh on Product Hunt. I’ve had such an exciting few days working …

2019-03-18: Starting work with a new client today! If you’d like to book me for a project I have availability in …

2019-03-16: Picnic on the beach! It’s a gorgeous day

2019-03-15: Exciting things happening with Bokeh today! We’ll be running a Kickstarter soon, so please …

2019-03-15: This episode of Today, Explained on the college admission scandal is definitely worth a listen.

2019-03-13: The Bokeh figma prototype is coming along nicely!

2019-03-13: If you’re going to create a social network, you need to be an approachable person. I’m …

2019-03-13: Really interesting questions brought up about Bokeh by @jeremytyarks It’s exciting to see …

2019-03-13: The Pull is a fantastic newsletter with great comic book recommendations every week. Really enjoying …

2019-03-13: Day 3 of 14 on an air mattress and my back is still doing surprisingly well.

2019-03-12: I’m at that point in a design where normal words start to look weird. Like… “People” …

2019-03-12: That thing where you think you’ve got some weird CSS bug, but it’s actually just a crumb on …

2019-03-11: Captain Marvel was fantastic. Go watch it.

2019-03-11: One of the biggest things I have to get rid of as a new business founder is being scared to ask for …

2019-03-11: Really enjoying this newsletter on web typography by Jason Pamental. Very educational.

2019-03-11: The Bokeh mailing list keeps growing! It’s so exciting to see how many people are interested …

2019-03-11: I have two Blue Bottle gift subscriptions that were never used. Here are the codes: 0CF0259BAF …

2019-03-06: I’m thinking of raising some money via Kickstarter for @bokehdotpics. Anyone have experience with …

2019-03-04: Bokeh was featured on BetaList! Please help me spread the word!

2019-03-04: Today is the day. Today we move away from Minnesota. The beautiful state I’ve called home for seven …

2019-03-02: I’mso excited!! Over 100 people have signed up for Bokeh’s mailing list in just a few …

2019-03-01: I did some design work on Bokeh last night. I feel like it’s coming along nicely.

2019-03-01: Anyone have experience with customer support email software?

2019-02-28: I’m happy to be getting such great feedback on Bokeh. This is such an exciting process!

2019-02-28: I’m building a better way to share photos with friends and family, and wrote about why it’s so …

2019-02-27: Making phone calls from the Mac is an amazing and underrated feature.

2019-02-26: Sharing photos with friends and family shouldn’t mean having your privacy invaded, your data …

2019-02-25: I need more women in my RSS reader. Send me your suggestions for women writing a personal blog about …

2019-02-25: I think the thing I missed the most about doing design and development work is getting lost in my …

2019-02-25: “…a moving buddy. If you don’t have one, get one!”

2019-02-22: I’m trying not to drink any soda or alcohol for 90 days. The alcohol one is so easy. Coke on the …

2019-02-19: As of today, I’m no longer part of the Changelog team, and will no longer be producing episodes of …

2019-02-18: Added a night mode to Bright Pixels over the weekend. I love it! I think I may read my own site in …

2019-02-13: Remember when you’d log into IRC or Skype and that meant you were “at work?” I …

2019-02-12: Comics from last week. A little late to photograph them.

2019-02-12: A few weeks ago, I wrote an introduction to my blog for new readers. I’d love any and all …

2019-02-11: Bad insomnia last night. Last time I looked at the clock it was 3:30am. Tired doesn’t really begin …

2019-02-09: Brought down my Jekyll build times from 13s to 4s. Pretty happy with that.

2019-02-07: Manton just absolutely nailing it: please don’t call it a podcast until you have the feed ready, …

2019-02-07: Interesting thoughts from Leo on the Anchor and Gimlet acquisition.

2019-02-06: Where do people find remote jobs these days? I know two fantastic people who are looking

2019-02-05: Here’s my pull list, what are y’all picking up this week?

2019-02-04: Sweet! You can now subscribe to Away from Keyboard via email!

2019-02-02: I’ve been contemplating leaving Jekyll for Bright Pixels, but I’m nervous because it has such a …

2019-01-30: Today’s a great day to support the indie web and subscribe to a new blog! Have you heard of …

2019-01-30: And to all my fellow midwesterners going through this polar vortex… May the force be with you!

2019-01-30: I can’t tell you how happy I am to be anywhere but Minnesota right now…

2019-01-27: We had a mimosa flight yesterday. It was superb!

2019-01-22: Bright Pixels now supports Webmentions! I’ll write a post about it soon!

2019-01-22: If you write a personal blog, open a pull request and add your info to this repo.

2019-01-22: Feels like so many are using Tiempos Text these days. Who can blame them though? That typeface is …

2019-01-22: I never would’ve imagined the cost of free, but turns out the price we’ve paid for a …

2019-01-21: Kelly just offered me a cough drop with the excitement that is usually attached to offering someone …

2019-01-21: Really enjoying this album: Line by Line — Prep

2019-01-16: Away from Keyboard is back with the awesome @avclark. We talk about his new business, how he was …

2019-01-16: I like Slack’s new logo.

2019-01-15: 2009 v. 2019

2019-01-10: This is how I record when the room I’m in has a lot of echo.

2019-01-03: Kelly and I recently cancelled our Gym membership and got the membership at our local movie theater. …

2019-01-02: More comics pictures from last week.

2018-12-29: My new Chewbacca robe that Kelly bought me. I love it!

2018-12-24: One of my favorite things to do on vacation: redesign stuff. Proud nerd.

2018-12-20: Listen to the latest episode of @afk_show with @MariaPloessl. She has a great story and is a …

2018-12-18: While I’m enjoying most of the new typographical system on Brightly Colored, I’m not sure I can get …

2018-12-18: I think it’s big news that Walt Mossberg is quitting Facebook.

2018-12-17: It’s my favorite time of the year: reading everyone’s “Year in Review” posts.

2018-12-14: So excited to watch Into The Spider-Verse tonight.

2018-12-12: Is there a writing app for Mac that supports Markdown and YAML front matter? Other than text editors …

2018-12-12: I don’t have an Instagram account anymore, but you can still follow my photography on Flickr

2018-12-12: Exciting comics to dive into today.

2018-12-11: New typographical system for Brightly Colored I deployed yesterday. Check it out! …

2018-12-08: Last night I imported my complete archive of pictures from Instagram, and deactivated my account. …

2018-12-07: I had so much fun photographing this week’s comics. Actually, i have fun doing that every …

2018-12-07: Kelly had an Edible Arrangement sent to me today. What an amazing surprise.

2018-12-06: I’m so glad I got rid of my Canon T7i, and bought a Sony α7 III. I’ve easily taken three times …

2018-12-05: I forget that right after Thanksgiving begins the never-ending flood of Christmas songs.

2018-12-05: Finally deleted my Facebook account. Feels good.

2018-12-03: For Micro Monday, I recommend @ben and @mikedotfm.

2018-11-30: I did a whole week’s worth of blogging yesterday night and this morning. Sorry.

2018-11-27: Face ID is great in a lot of ways, but man it’s terrible when you’re reading in bed at night.


2018-11-20: Bracing myself for the flood of Black Friday emails… I mean, even the place I get waxed at has a …

2018-11-19: For micro Monday, I’d recommend @cdevroe

2018-11-19: Fun Fact: I spent 17 hrs and 58 minutes on the Brightly Colored redesign. brightlycolored.org

2018-11-17: New Design. Check it out brightlycolored.org

2018-11-15: This is your periodic reminder that I have a personal blog called Brightly Colored. Take a look at …

2018-11-13: Just overheard someone say they expect people to work 60 hr work weeks, but that 70 is way too much. …

2018-11-05: I’d really like to see Apple find more diverse people to give review units to.

2018-10-31: It’s the best day of the week: New Comic Book Day! Here’s what I’m reading, …

2018-10-30: Today’s Apple announcements are really exciting. There are some more affordable options that …

2018-10-29: If I never hear Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen again, it’ll still be too soon.


2018-10-19: Let’s get something straight: I’ve never wanted to open Adobe Bridge. Never.

2018-10-19: Is there a NaNoWriMo but for comic books? I have an idea that I’d like to find out if it’s dumb or …

2018-10-17: This story on Reply All is fascinating, shocking, disgusting, and a must listen. The Crime Machine, …

2018-10-15: I’d like to be reading more personal blogs. If you blog about geeky or personal things, send …

2018-10-15: If you’re a recruiter, and you call me four different times to “follow up,” maybe …


2018-10-12: Great week of comics! It’s just so cool to go to new places and explore new worlds with amazing …

2018-10-08: It’s been really difficult to not look at subscriber numbers for Brightly Colored since I …

2018-09-30: My signed copy of West Coast Avengers is here!! Thanks @79SemiFinalist!

2018-09-29: Framed one of my Paper Girls comics. @cliffchiang does some amazing and beautiful work.

2018-09-29: Service done right.

2018-09-28: I remember being single and unemployed… I had so much time, I even tried grilling a PB & J. Just …

2018-09-27: The jelly to my peanut butter.

2018-09-25: I find it fascinating how many people stick their noses up to reading comic books. Like it’s …

2018-09-25: How much of my life will I end up losing to waiting for Audition to match loudness or reduce noise… …

2018-09-25: Finished the edit for a new episode of AFK yesterday. Look for it tomorrow, but subscribe in the …

2018-09-24: Love the beat of this song: Favorite (feat. Buddy) by Leon Thomas III 🎵

2018-09-24: I’m scared to upgrade to macOS Mojave, how ‘bout y’all upgrade and let me know how …

2018-09-21: I’m always in admiration of @joshuaginter’s The Newsprint. Great typography and …

2018-09-21: Just realized today’s the last day of Summer. 😭

2018-09-21: New Album from The Midnight: Kids

2018-09-20: So I hear there’s Bat-penis in a comic book this week?! Holy moly.

2018-09-19: Jimmy Butler seeking trade to Nets, Clippers or Knicks | ESPN From ESPN: Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler is requesting a trade and his three preferred …

2018-09-19: Wednesdays are my favorite day, because new comics come out. As I’ve been doing for a few …

2018-09-18: Captain Marvel Official Trailer My excitement for this trailer can’t really be described, so I won’t try. Brie Larson …

2018-09-18: I need a new fall jacket. Any recommendations?


2018-09-17: Pull List for September 19, 2018 Another Wednesday is around the corner, and that means it’ll be New Comic Book Day! …

2018-09-17: Tech Diversity by Brent Simmons Brent Simmons: …we’ve (finally!) entered a period of tech diversity, and Mastodon and Micro.blog …

2018-09-14: Loving this series! Lots of humor and action

2018-09-12: This confirms that Microsoft is still the icky company. I don’t care that “it’s …

2018-09-12: That iPhone Xs Max looks like what I might upgrade to from my iPhone 7 Plus.

2018-09-11: Pull List for September 12, 2018 Exciting new week of comics! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this …

2018-09-11: Finished the first volume of Paper Girls. Great ending! Also, what amazing and beautiful art by …

2018-09-10: I used “like” when writing a sentence where it like, doesn’t belong, and I …

2018-09-08: I’m loving Spider-Man on PS4!!

2018-09-07: First year in a few years that I haven’t pre-ordered and played NBA 2k on the first day. …

2018-09-07: I can’t wait to go home and play Spider-Man on PS4.

2018-09-07: Really bummed that I’m not at XOXO

2018-09-06: I’m selling all my A Book Apart books. $10/book or $100 for all of them. You pay shipping too :)

2018-09-06: New episode of Away from Keyboard with @myusuf3. He talks to me about how Gyroscope is trying to …

2018-09-05: My amazing friend told me about The IT Crowd. How did I not know about this show?! Love it!

2018-09-05: My Brief Review of Nightfall-91 Listened to Observer Drift’s new album last night. I’m in love with the plethora of …

2018-09-04: Pull List for September 5, 2018 Another NCBD (new comic book day) is upon us! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m …

2018-09-04: Recently started listening to Dissect, a podcast that goes in depth on the meaning of albums and …

2018-09-04: I don’t like digital comics as much as print, but since Kelly Thompson’s Jessica Jones …

2018-09-04: Discovered League of Comic Geeks over the long weekend. What an awesome site! Added my relatively …

2018-08-31: It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed over the years. I couldn’t wait for the …

2018-08-30: Anyone have experience setting up a podcast studio and how to minimize microphone leakage from one …

2018-08-29: There’s a new episode of Away from Keyboard out! @jdorfman shares his early BMX dreams, how to …

2018-08-28: Pull List for August 29, 2018 Happy Wednesday peeps! New comic book day is upon us, and as packed as last week was, it’s …

2018-08-28: So I missed Micro Monday, but oh well. These are two people I’m enjoying right now: @cheri …

2018-08-28: This Wednesday’s Away from Keyboard gets pretty personal. I can’t wait for you to …

2018-08-25: Enjoyed a great meal after hall cleaning.

2018-08-23: I know people don’t want another subscription… but I’d love to pay a monthly …

2018-08-22: Oh my goodness!!! I loved the first issue of West Coast Avengers by @79SemiFinalist! Thank you for …

2018-08-22: Wednesday’s are one of my favorite days. I cut tape for AFK, then go to the comic book store. …

2018-08-22: I currently find myself in a predicament where if I sleep with the down comforter, I get so hot! …

2018-08-21: Pull List for August 22, 2018 It’s Wednesday again! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this …

2018-08-21: Just finished watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Super cute story.

2018-08-21: More from the trip…

2018-08-21: Some of my favorite landscapes from our trip

2018-08-21: I see some people pick up 20 comics on NCBD, but I have five titles this week and that feels like a …

2018-08-20: Why Twitter's Downfall Stings Cheri Baker on mourning Twitter: It seems that we’re losing not just a website, but connections to …

2018-08-20: Crazy Rich Asians was a great movie. Really enjoyed it.

2018-08-19: Taking a selfie in the dark is a mistake. #crazyrichasians

2018-08-16: Just finished reading Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1 by @bryanqmiller. Loved it! I really enjoyed …

2018-08-15: This week of vacation is the longest I’ve been without my laptop in a few years. I need to be better …

2018-08-14: Pull List for August 14, 2018 Wednesday is here again, and that means it’s new comic book day! I don’t have any books on my pull …

2018-08-14: We had a great time at Disney World.

2018-08-14: I’ve been noticing a few podcasts that have excellent content, but terrible audio. It’s a shame, …

2018-08-12: Day one of our Orlando vacation.

2018-08-12: This is a great article on working remotely

2018-08-11: Loved issue #1 and #2 of Catwoman! @Joelle_Jones writes a great story and I’m loving her art.

2018-08-11: Just finished reading these two books. Highly recommend! So much fun and great stories.

2018-08-11: I’m really enjoying Breaker. It’s fun to see what other people are listening to.

2018-08-11: I point out something super gross and unsanitary a lot of men are doing, and I’m at fault for …

2018-08-11: I’m seeing this new trend where men are looking at their phone while they pee. This is not ok.

2018-08-10: Four years ago today, Kelly and I went on our first official date. For many years I admired the …

2018-08-09: Finally picked up Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1! Can’t wait to read it on vacation next week …

2018-08-09: Kelly and I looked into going to Disney World next week when we’re in Orlando for vacation… …

2018-08-08: Concert time!

2018-08-08: Kelly and I watched Broadchurch on Netflix a few months ago, but we still can’t stop doing terrible …

2018-08-08: 🎧 New episode of Away from Keyboard! Jeff Robbins is an actual rockstar (feat. @jjeff)

2018-08-08: Pull List for August 8, 2018 Another Wednesday is here, which means it’s New Comic Book Day! Here are my thoughts on what I …

2018-08-07: Just loving this version of Come Together 🎵

2018-08-07: Trying to find some cool (preferably geeky) coasters. Know of any?

2018-08-06: What a fantastic weekend.

2018-08-04: Kelly looked so beautiful today. I definitely married up in every way.

2018-08-03: Amazing first day of convention with the love of my life. I’m so grateful for her.

2018-08-02: It feels so nice to get your work validated by people you admire. We all need encouragement.

2018-08-02: Cutting tape for next week’s AFK. It’s awesome how someone’s story just comes …

2018-08-02: Are Titles Hurdles? by Mark McElroy Mark McElroy: I saw something the other day about titles being hurdles to easy blogging. The theory …

2018-08-01: I don’t have words to explain how much I love this video

2018-08-01: 🎙 New episode of Away from Keyboard: Ashley Baxter is excited about… insurance?

2018-08-01: A Brief Review of AMC A-List As soon as we saw news of AMC doing a subscription, Kelly (my partner-in-crime) and I were convinced …

2018-08-01: Finishing up the mix on the new AFK. New episode drops in 2 hrs. Get those sharing fingers ready!

2018-07-31: Well… these Laker jerseys are hideous.

2018-07-31: If you’re having MoviePass problems, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got ninety-nine …

2018-07-31: Three Alfred Powerpack Workflows We Like | The Sweet Setup Josh Ginter on The Sweet Setup: I’m very, very late to the Alfred party. We had long since named …

2018-07-31: The clarity of these headphones is amazing. First time with open back cans, and I love it already.

2018-07-31: Bought myself a pair of Sennheiser HD 600 headphones.

2018-07-31: Apple Needs to Step It Up Manuel Riess: I just realized my iMac does not support Mojave anymore. Now I’m wondering whether …

2018-07-30: I can’t help but dance to this song. iMissMe (feat. Khalid) by KYLE 🎵

2018-07-30: Another thing I like about micro.blog is that I have no way of knowing how many people follow me or …

2018-07-30: I missed writing, but I wanted something more personal and with lots less pressure than Brightly …

2018-07-30: Pull List for August 1, 2018 Tryouts this week! Only the best comics will survive the chopping block! Here’s what I …

2018-07-28: Using Cloud.typography Fonts on Micro.blog Turns out, you can use Cloud.typography fonts on here, and doing it isn’t too difficult. You’ll need …


2018-07-28: Star Wars: Episode IX Begins Filming in August From StarWars.com: Star Wars: Episode IX will begin filming at London’s Pinewood Studios on August …

2018-07-27: Reply All: All My Pets

2018-07-27: Slack moves from Medium to WordPress VIP Manton Reece: In other Slack news this week, they moved their blog from Medium to their own domain …

2018-07-27: Kelly bought me the best shirt ever.

2018-07-27: How can I convince companies to stop using American Apparel for their T-Shirts? Their whole sizing …

2018-07-26: Thinking of buying a standing desk for my office. Anyone own the Jarvis from Fully?

2018-07-26: Just finished editing @iamashley’s episode of AFK for next week. Can’t wait for you to listen.

2018-07-25: SHAZAM! Official Teaser Trailer I’m a big fan of Zachery Levi. His portrayal of Chuck is great to me. I know it’s not …

2018-07-24: Pull List for July 25, 2018 Pretty small week for me, but great books I’m looking forward to! Here are my picks for the week. …

2018-07-24: Apple Identifies and Fixes Thermal Bug in New MacBook Pro | The Loop Jim Dalrymple on The Loop: Last week a video appeared on the Web from David Lee showing how the new …

2018-07-24: I’ve customized the mess out of Audition keyboard shortcuts. I think it might be fun to share …

2018-07-24: I’m so happy and proud of what AFK already is, and I can’t wait to make so many more episodes. …

2018-07-24: Brian Smith Alerts to Sony A7 III Arriving at B&H Tomorrow Brian Smith: Sony a7 III cameras have been flying off the shelves as quickly as they arrive. If …

2018-07-23: Got around to uploading my pictures from OSCON.

2018-07-23: Coffee date with the missus.

2018-07-10: Tried a new place on Saturday with our new homie, Brigette.

2018-07-08: Sandy’s Graduation Party. We had a great time.

2018-06-17: Some shots from our past two weekends.

2018-06-06: Date night!

2018-06-04: #sonya7iii #sonyalphaphotos

2018-06-01: Great evening with these peeps!

2018-05-10: Kelly took me to this awesome coffee shop in Saint Paul for our anniversary.


2018-05-07: One of my favorites from Florida. Traveling for work is the best when my best friend comes along. . …

2018-04-27: I had the huge honor of speaking at Front-End Conf today. Holy moly.


2018-04-12: Got my new Sony α7III!! This camera is gorgeous! Check out my unboxing at …


2018-03-31: Memorial 2018.

2018-03-26: Photos by Jaimie Lauren.

2018-03-14: Date night with Kelly.

2018-03-10: What a wonderful assembly day with my gorgeous better half.

2018-03-08: I got some weird email spam. Person that seems real offers me a YouTube video partnership. I reply …

2018-03-07: Kevin Love and My Own Anxiety brightlycolored.org

2018-03-05: Some of my favorites from Felipe and Abi’s portrait shoot. What a great looking couple.


2018-03-04: Dylan and Danielle’s rehearsal.

2018-02-28: 🚗 Big Red

2018-02-24: Doing some tests and location scouting with Kelly for a shoot.

2018-02-20: Really enjoyed this episode of Mac Power Users with Manton Reece relay.fm/mpu


2018-02-02: 🎥 New Video: Channel Update and GIVEAWAY!! youtube.com

2018-01-30: Copying @iamashley and posting about my weekend in photos brightlycolored.org

2018-01-30: A weekend of wedding showers.

2018-01-29: My beautiful Mom.

2018-01-25: On Brightly Colored: How to Read the Internet by @robinrendle brightlycolored.org

2018-01-24: Mealthy launched the Multipot! This thing is pretty amazing amazon.com

2018-01-23: It’s that time of year again…

2018-01-22: Another one from Matthew’s shoot.

2018-01-20: Author of infamous letter to CEO says it ‘destroyed her life’ nypost.com

2018-01-18: Took this one of Matthew today. The light outside was perfect.

2018-01-18: Thursday afternoons are great for subscribing to indie blogs… or so I’ve heard. …

2018-01-17: Deep in the land of git reset this morning. How’s your life going?

2018-01-16: Really like the small design updates of The Newsprint

2017-12-31: Year in Review: 2017 brightlycolored.org

2017-12-27: If you read Brightly Colored, would you do me the favor of taking the end of year survey? You could …

2017-12-27: Read all about @tjdraperpro’s adventure to build a Hackintosh brightlycolored.org

2017-12-26: If a potential client is condescending now, just imagine after they’ve given you money and …

2017-12-23: Why are people who aren’t comfortable with a fixer upper on Property Brothers??!! If I were on …

2017-12-22: Watching You’ve Got Mail is fascinating. What a different time.

2017-12-18: Just launched the latest design of Brightly Colored. Report 🐛 when you see them! brightlycolored.org

2017-12-16: I’ve realized I do some of my best work sitting on the living room couch with The Office …

2017-12-14: Today’s been the type of day where I’m indenting more than 4 times in SCSS and I have to …

2017-12-13: Can’t believe #starwars is only one day away. I’m so excited.

2017-12-12: New decal for the laptop!

2017-12-11: After months of using Hyper, I’ve gone back to iTerm2. Feels faster.

2017-12-11: I get to wake up next to this amazing woman everyday.

2017-12-10: Sunday is a sacred day. Sunday is the day we watch HGTV and judge all the couples for their terrible …

2017-12-08: By this time next week I will have already watched the new Star Wars.

2017-12-04: I’m available for design/frontend contract projects! If you or someone you know has something …

2017-12-03: So happy to be part of this special day.

2017-11-30: Blue Beanie Day 2017 I don’t have my own blue beanie today, but I’m thankful to all those who’ve worked so hard to push …

2017-11-26: We’re selling our brown leather reclining couch. $650 OBO. W80” D36” H35”. You’ll need a clearance …

2017-11-26: DON’T Buy the iPhone X youtube.com

2017-11-23: I wish there was a way to schedule text messages.

2017-11-21: How many times does Zack Snyder need to make a bad film for people to understand that his “director …

2017-11-20: We just had to go see the ocean.

2017-11-20: My wonderfully gorgeous better half.

2017-11-20: Started using VS Code last week and really enjoying it so far. Only thing I haven’t figured …

2017-11-19: Kelly and I at #secretparty

2017-11-14: I’m also switching to Firefox this week. The new Firefox is beautiful and really fast.

2017-11-14: Trying VS Code this week. We’ll see how it goes.

2017-11-14: New Episode of The Radio Column: Here I Am Again ttimsmith.com

2017-11-13: The Radio Column is back in Apple Podcasts! New episodes coming soon.

2017-11-13: Helen’s new website is fantastic. Her case studies are nothing short of amazing. helentran.com

2017-11-13: What a great weekend with amazing people.

2017-11-09: Exclude Posts From RSS in Jekyll brightlycolored.org

2017-11-09: I spent all night putting archives of my old podcasts on my site. There’s still more to come, …

2017-11-07: Remove Table of Contents From a Jekyll RSS Feed brightlycolored.org

2017-11-07: Devs, do me a favor. If you’re gonna autoplay video, the least you can do is mute it.

2017-11-06: Why is there a skip intro button on Stranger Things? There ain’t never been a time when I want …

2017-11-03: I constantly have to remind myself that just because I’m not always on the cutting edge, …

2017-11-02: Kelly gifted me a Timberwolves fidget spinner!

2017-11-01: You know how when you’re a kid, you told yourself you’d eat whatever you wanted, when …

2017-10-31: Performant Cloud.typography Fonts brightlycolored.org

2017-10-31: I tried the iTunes Season Pass for the first time with “Star Wars: Rebels” and I’m …

2017-10-31: The best part of my job is to see where my work breaks. That’s where the learning happens.

2017-10-30: If I never see an Intercom popup, it’ll be too soon.

2017-10-30: I’ll be speaking at Front-End Design Conference in April together with a stellar lineup of …

2017-10-30: Really enjoying the Micro.blog Mac app from @manton. Great work.

2017-10-26: The Orville is pretty hilarious. Lots of Star Trek references.

2017-10-25: I’m so grateful to get to do something every day that challenges me and gets me excited to …

2017-10-25: Pushed an update to the design of Brightly Colored. How long did that sidebar layout last?? Like two …

2017-10-21: Athlete signature shoes are a scam.

2017-10-19: Microsoft Updates Edge with CSS Grid Support brightlycolored.org

2017-10-19: Newton would be the perfect email app for me if I could only archive emails in folders.

2017-10-16: My company name is officially on the wall here at the office. So cool!


2017-10-13: Had so much fun at the T-Wolves practice!

2017-10-12: If you attended my talk on CSS Grid at @ee_conf, here are the slides and some helpful links …

2017-10-11: I wrote about soccer??? 😱 brightlycolored.org

2017-10-11: I’m in beautiful Denver for EE Conf. Today is one of those days where I’m so grateful …

2017-10-11: The Women’s US Soccer team should just be the US Soccer team. They’re so much better than the men. …

2017-10-10: Nike Tech Fleece. 😍

2017-10-09: Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ brightlycolored.org

2017-10-09: New Star Wars trailer debuts today!!!!!

2017-10-06: The seamlessness of the AirPods between my devices is what I want from wireless headphones. Holy …

2017-10-05: Caved and bought myself a pair of AirPods. The pairing process is magic, the sound quality is …

2017-10-05: If you missed it yesterday, I renamed my blog. brightlycolored.org

2017-10-05: I bought one of the new Sport Loop watch bands from Apple. My goodness are they comfy!

2017-10-04: A New Beginning brightlycolored.org

2017-10-04: :not is probably one of the best things in CSS.

2017-09-30: Great service day with these peeps!

2017-09-29: Go Twins!!

2017-09-28: Kitty naps

2017-09-27: Something new.

2017-09-27: I’m thinking of retiring the name The Bold Report. It’s waaaaaay to official for what I …

2017-09-27: This video has changed the way I wear my watch youtube.com

2017-09-27: Reports: Dwyane Wade and Bulls to Part Ways, Cavaliers ‘Frontrunner’ to Sign Him | NBA.com …

2017-09-27: I really hope @PhillyD wins! #DeFrancoShowForStreamys

2017-09-25: Having a desk at a co-working space again is just so nice. Keeps me sane.

2017-09-22: This is real cool: Micro.blog post editing manton.org

2017-09-20: The iPhone X's "Notch" Marco Arment on the iPhone X “notch”: Many are now speculating that Apple will find a …

2017-09-20: This one is romantic in a weird way hahaha

2017-09-20: The guitar solo in this song is so beautiful. Hot damn.

2017-09-19: None of the iPhones announced are interesting enough for an upgrade in my opinion. I’m still …

2017-09-19: I don’t understand why Apple Music doesn’t make it easy to filter out all explicit …

2017-09-18: Anyone thinking of using Micro.blog and want an invite?

2017-09-18: First official day of work at @TheReserveMN. Beautiful space, with desks and offices available! …

2017-09-17: What a nice going away party.

2017-09-14: My New Gig theboldreport.net

2017-09-14: My LG 5K display has some major ghosting. This is so disappointing.

2017-09-14: My new video on the iPhone X Event is out. What did you think of the event?

2017-09-12: I’ve spent the last month working as a Designer/Dev at @mealthyrecipes. Today, our beautiful …

2017-09-11: Anyone renting a desk in downtown Saint Paul? I’ve heard of CoCo, but I’d like to find …

2017-09-11: I bought my first Philips Hue lightbulbs and bridge this past week. Really loving it!

2017-09-08: I have an awesome new logo! Shoutout to @cailyn who helped make it! ttimsmith.com

2017-09-08: Couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d put the half and half… come to find it in the …

2017-09-07: My YouTube channel isn’t dead! New video coming next Thursday and every Thursday after that.

2017-09-06: I’ve made it across the 100 subscriber threshold on YouTube, so I now have a custom URL! …

2017-09-05: Me and my niece Addy… ya know, chillin’.

2017-09-03: ‘ State Fair with the Fam.

2017-08-31: Come see me speak at EE Conf about CSS Grid. Use the code TIMS10 for 10% off!

2017-08-28: I just wrote display: absolute and wondered why it wasn’t working. Oh Monday, you seriously …

2017-08-27: Progress on organizing the office

2017-08-18: New @MacintoshFM episode is out! I’m so excited!

2017-08-12: Great day at the English convention.

2017-08-11: There’s finally a promo for season three of Welcome to Macintosh!! New season starts Aug 18

2017-08-10: Dann Petty is on 🔥


2017-07-31: I have a mosquito bite on my nose! These jerks have no respect.

2017-07-26: Really, a no-brainer to back @sensibleworld and his Symbolicons Pro project!

2017-07-24: Switched over all my two-factor auth to 1Password. Easy and awesome experience.

2017-07-24: Dinner with awesome friends.

2017-07-24: The fam at the convention.


2017-07-20: This is sad news! Feeling bummed for my friends that work at The Iron Yard

2017-07-20: Convention lunch shopping.


2017-07-14: I had the privilege of being interviewed on the @wptonicpodcast!

2017-07-11: This modular airplane concept is pretty awesome.

2017-07-11: Disputed a copyright claim on my latest video that’s clearly fair use. YouTube needs to do …

2017-07-06: I just found a case of old CDs and now I really want to buy a CD player to listen to these mixes.

2017-07-06: Why is it so hard to find a great weather app with an Apple Watch complication?

2017-07-05: 🎥 New Video: My review of Despicable Me 3

2017-07-05: The battery life in the iOS 11 Beta is terrible.

2017-07-04: These past two days have been so amazing. I got to spend so much time with my partner-in-crime, …

2017-07-04: The Fresh Prince of Wolf Point.

2017-06-30: The hardest thing about being a full-time mentor is missing that uninterrupted heads down time to …

2017-06-29: 🎥 Here’s my latest video on a great pair of cheap wireless headphones.


2017-06-28: Just when you think you’ve shot enough b-roll, shoot more.

2017-06-28: It’s always such a great thing to deal with skinny people who have a superiority complex about …

2017-06-27: One of the things I’ve loved about making videos is that I don’t have to worry about …

2017-06-26: I think @OWCsolutions Thunderbolt 3 Dock is the best one out there. Here are my reasons why.

2017-06-26: I’m posting new videos every Thursday on my new YouTube channel. Check out my videos and …

2017-06-24: Hulu’s Apple TV app UI is complex and difficult to use…

2017-06-24: I’ve been invited to speak at BD Conf in October! Get your ticket!

2017-06-23: If you’ve wondered what you can do with a microblog, here are some great ideas.

2017-06-23: Manton’s thoughts on Uber are spot on.

2017-06-22: Reason 1005 I’m not as successful as I could be: it’s 12noon and I’m still in bed…

2017-06-21: Reading outside at Starbucks on the longest day of the year

2017-06-21: Logging all my expenses from my trip to Columbia like an adult. Feels good.

2017-06-20: I have some availability coming up for UX/Frontend projects! I work with Jekyll, Craft, WordPress, …

2017-06-17: Wait… Rihanna and Bryson Tiller are on a Khaled track that features a Santana sample? Is this real …

2017-06-17: I’m 25 and last night was only the second time I’ve had to be rebooked for a next day flight. That’s …

2017-06-16: Stuck in DC tonight…

2017-06-16: I chose web design and development because I figured I wouldn’t need to do math everyday. How …

2017-06-16: Here are the slides for my talk on CSS Grid at @convergese. Thanks to those who attended!

2017-06-16: Excellent presentation from @meganzlock on HTML.

2017-06-15: I have just loved @convergese. Such a well organized event and had the chance to hang with some …

2017-06-15: 🎥 It’s Thursday, which means a new video! This week, I unbox a cheap pair of wireless …

2017-06-14: Excellent article on this fall being the time for the iPad

2017-06-14: Why do all businessMEN on flights feel like they own the place?!

2017-06-13: Why is working hard praised over working smart? Why do so many equate working a lot being equal to …

2017-06-13: I enjoyed reading @manton’s thoughts on the Apple podcast spec changes.

2017-06-13: I’m really loving the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock. It’s worked excellently and I …

2017-06-10: We found a Macaroni Grill in Michigan! Why am I so excited about this?

2017-06-09: Next video has been filmed

2017-06-08: Just found out about the dark theme in GBoard. Holy moly this looks nice.

2017-06-07: 🎥 My Review of Wonder Woman! youtu.be/bnoh3F5cl8w

2017-06-07: Just finished filming my review on Wonder Woman. Posting later today!

2017-06-06: 🎥 My Thoughts on WWDC youtu.be/JIKgjS0MSAo

2017-06-06: Doctor appointment today… I don’t like going to the doctor.

2017-06-05: Do Not Disturb While Driving is an excellent new feature too. Hope that helps distract people less.

2017-06-05: The new iMac Pro looks really great.

2017-06-05: First day with my new Felix Gray frames. Really like them!


2017-05-31: 🎥 My new video is a review of… shades? Yep! Finding shades for my huge noggin is tough …

2017-05-26: 🎥 Watch my latest video: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock Unboxing youtu.be/C462CausvIo

2017-05-24: I’m officially advertising @MacintoshFM on my helmet to get the word out in the Twin Cities. You’re …

2017-05-24: Have a lot to do tonight. Shooting b-roll for my video coming out Thursday and shooting an unboxing …

2017-05-22: Why does every scooter video review have to start with laughing and saying that it isn’t a …

2017-05-21: Got cutoff on the bike for the first time today. I totally saw it coming. Great practice.

2017-05-20: Today, I start filming my review on… sunglasses? Look for it on Thursday, and if you’re not …

2017-05-19: No new video this week because I’m without a tripod, but working on something cool for next …

2017-05-18: Took a deep dive into After Effects today. Holy moly, that is some complicated stuff.

2017-05-18: Just had my first scooter shaming moment! Some dude looks at me with all my gear and says, …

2017-05-17: Big news: I’m giving my talk on CSS Grid at Converge! convergese.com

2017-05-17: Man it’s so hot with all the gear on. Helmet, jacket, pants, boots, gloves… I’m gonna …

2017-05-16: Finally picked it up today!

2017-05-16: Kelly took this one of me.

2017-05-16: Yesterday was a great day for pictures.

2017-05-15: Love how companies want to treat you badly in the interview process but still want you to use (and …

2017-05-15: Those of you who watch my YouTube videos, what would you like to see me make? I love doing reviews …

2017-05-14: Motorcycle gear is pretty expensive. Also, turns out that motorcyclists look down on scooter riders… …

2017-05-13: The YouTube Creator Academy is soooooo helpful!!

2017-05-13: TFW you text a friend and they changed their number without letting you know…

2017-05-12: I got my motorcycle permit today!!

2017-05-12: We got me a scooter! I’m so excited!

2017-05-11: Kelly surprised me with a painting class for our anniversary! It was so fun! #stayversary2017

2017-05-11: I feel like starting a video series called “It’s definitely expensive, but is it …

2017-05-11: This video on using foam core is awesome youtu.be/IDG_5xgzn…

2017-05-10: When Survivor players say this is the hardest thing they’ve ever done… …

2017-05-09: Oh and aparrently I’m getting my motorcycle endorsement. So that’s cool.

2017-05-09: Looks like I’ll be buying a scooter. Pretty excited.

2017-05-08: I wish I would’ve started making videos a long time ago. This is so fun.

2017-05-08: I hate emails from companies. Don’t get nearly enough from actual people.

2017-05-08: 🎥 Here’s my review of the Tenba Messenger DNA 15 youtu.be/Y8blhwaDdA4

2017-05-07: Finished filming for my Tenba Messenger bag review. Video out tomorrow!

2017-05-06: I got a tiny cheap lav mic and it was totally worth it. Pretty great!

2017-05-06: My best friend and partner. The most beautiful woman both inside and out I’ve ever met. …

2017-05-05: 🎥 Unboxing the Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Video Head youtu.be/hFqk0Fxp-cI

2017-05-05: I just finished exporting the new intro animation for my videos. It looks pretty awesome if I do say …

2017-05-04: Spring cleaning in my office today. When the hell did I accumulate all this junk?

2017-05-04: Saw something horrifying today… a box full of Lego, labeled “legos”

2017-05-04: Trying to make videos feels like when I started doing web design. I know nothing, and learning feels …

2017-05-03: Video gear is some of the easiest tech to spend a fortune on. Holy moly. And everyone recommending …

2017-05-03: What are y’all using to keep track of your business expenses? I was thinking about Freshbooks.

2017-05-03: I don’t think there’s enough money in the world to buy all the tech I want to try.

2017-05-03: I bought some small camera accessories and unboxed them. Here’s my video: youtu.be/aCmLaebe3-o

2017-05-02: Working on b-roll for the Tenba Messenger bag review and holy moly… making videos is really …

2017-05-02: I made a Kit with my new camera gear: kit.com/smithtimmytim/camera-gear

2017-05-02: Some of the Microsoft stuff looks pretty amazing, but it runs Windows.

2017-05-01: It’s May 1st and snowing in Minnesota. Days like these I wonder why I live here.

2017-05-01: The Bold Report is in need of a newsletter sponsor! $30 gets you the whole month’s worth of …

2017-04-30: Really want to get out and shoot some b-roll, but the laziness may win.

2017-04-30: Hoping to go shoot some nice b-roll for my next video today, but the laziness might win.

2017-04-29: Ok, I’ll admit that not having an SD Card reader on the new MacBook sucks. #donglelife

2017-04-28: I bought a camera. Here’s the video I made about it and the gear I bought …

2017-04-28: I used Premiere Pro for the first time in ten years last night and loved it. It’s come a long …

2017-04-28: I bought a camera and made a short video about it.

2017-04-27: Premiere Pro just quit on me and I lost my whole edit of this video. Save your work peeps.

2017-04-27: I’m excited to be making videos with this new camera. It’s a bummer that they’ll …

2017-04-27: My mic was broken 😭. Exchanging it tomorrow.

2017-04-26: Oh! Also, I contributed a theme to Micro.blog. Thanks to @manton for including my work.

2017-04-26: I’m loving Survivor this season. Even with all the drama.

2017-04-17: Twins game!


2017-03-30: I wrote a column for a web design magazine that came out this month. Probably one of the coolest …

2017-03-17: We just HAD to.








2017-03-16: Doesn’t even begin to show the beauty of this.





2017-03-14: I know it’s considered lame to post pictures of food, but when it’s this good, you just …


2017-02-05: Plotting our next adventure

2017-02-05: My partner in crime.

2017-01-20: Our first visit to Tim Hortons

2016-12-21: My beautiful Minnie loves the cuddles.

2016-12-10: #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-10: On the catamaran. #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-10: Snorkeling was so amazingly fun. #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-10: On the beach in the Bahamas #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-06: St Thomas! #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-03: She’s so beautiful. #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-02: #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-01: The tarantula and James had a special relationship. #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-01: A stinking tarantula!!! #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-01: Kelly with an alligator.

2016-12-01: #smehrenscruisin16

2016-12-01: Just, ya know, me and a sloth. No big deal. #smehrenscruisin16

2016-11-30: These tostones were yuuuuuugge!

2016-10-30: Kelly this morning. I’m so grateful for such a smart, kind, funny, and loving partner.

2016-10-25: Kelly took this picture of me this morning. I was tired and my smile wasn’t working… but it …

2016-10-24: Kitty doing what kitty knows best: sleep.

2016-10-09: What an awesome weekend up north! #DrAnnene2016

2016-09-25: I’m so proud and happy for Casey who’s expanding his ministry and moving to Tamil. I …

2016-09-25: We are an awesome bunch of peeps. I love our cong! Were going to miss Pablo & Vanessa (Lake …

2016-09-20: Kelly made her amazing beef stew to make me feel better. She’s so nice. 😘❤️

2016-09-18: Coffee and comics on a relaxing Sunday.

2016-09-16: The new addition to the family! Mozart (Mozie) Ohura Smith!

2016-09-09: The stray cat my sister-in-law found is so ugly it’s cute.

2016-09-05: And the Fam on the pontoon. Stacy looks like she’s about ready to kill me.

2016-09-05: Me and my best friend. She looks amazing with a lake behind her and the wind in her hair.

2016-09-05: I drove the pontoon.

2016-08-29: Had a great time at the fair!

2016-08-17: A Moscow Mule during the work day??!! Scandalous, but delicious.

2016-08-14: Softball was so fun!

2016-08-06: Had an amazing time at Luis and Christine’s wedding! #oso_inlove2016

2016-08-05: The love of my life. I’m so happy that I get to live at her side. 😍😍

2016-08-04: On the subway trying to not look like tourists.

2016-07-31: Some friends are like family.

2016-07-30: Famous Dave’s with my in-laws.

2016-07-24: Two of the multicultural Musketeer’s. We missed you @meyercasey!!

2016-07-23: Day two of our regional convention. What an awesome weekend it has been!

2016-07-06: My cousin Melissa.

2016-07-06: Rigo and Cynthia at Ramon’s wedding.

2016-07-06: Alfonso and Marta at Ramon’s wedding.

2016-07-01: And another one of my beautiful wife. Sorry for blowing up y’all’s Instagram!

2016-07-01: I took this one on our walk yesterday and I love it.

2016-06-30: I rented a DSLR for our California trip and I’m pretty impressed with the quality.

2016-06-25: Kelly looked so gorgeous tonight, as always.

2016-06-25: An awesome night watching Beauty and The Beast.

2016-06-09: So Pixel felt she was old enough to have her own Instagram, and since we’re bad parents, we …

2016-06-08: When you’re a cat and you decide to nap… you nap hard.

2016-06-05: We had such an awesome weekend with all these great peeps.

2016-05-12: Only Jr is looking at the camera, but you get the idea. Captain America: Civil War was awesome!!!!

2016-05-09: I still can’t believe I’m married to this amazing woman, and here we are a whole year …

2016-05-07: Our little Pixel is finally home.

2016-05-04: Remembering opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. May the Fourth be with you! #starwarsday

2016-04-08: I ordered some custom keycaps for my clicky keyboard. #starwarsnerd

2016-04-05: It’s here!! #starwarstheforceawakens

2016-04-02: Grabbing a bit before the concert tonight! Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago were amazing! What a …

2016-03-23: And of course, one with friends and family.

2016-03-23: Kelly and I at the Memorial.

2016-03-02: I’m sorry y’all but the cat pictures have begun! Meet Pixel (aka Pixie), our new Ragdoll …

2016-02-15: This beauty beat my butt in mini golf.

2016-02-14: Speechless

2016-02-11: Mani/Pedis with the wife. Wish you were here @jrogbebor @phillyp91 @misterandmrs406 @djmeyerr …

2016-02-07: SuperBowl party! We missed you @jrogbebor @felipissimo_ @abi_chuelita!

2016-02-05: Kel got a haircut, and I must say she’s looking mighty fiiiiiiine.

2016-01-23: FIFA Tournament ‘16. I unfortunately… did not win.

2016-01-15: Sonora and Dawson from when we went to Montana last September.

2015-12-24: Out in Service on a Thursday like old times. This is what I should be doing with my …

2015-12-17: We’re ready!

2015-12-17: It’s finally here.

2015-12-09: 7 months ago today, I married my best friend. Is there a way to Groundhog Day that day? I’m so …

2015-12-06: Happy Fat Pants!!

2015-11-16: We had a great weekend at Marco and Drenelle’s wedding and visiting The West Coast Kirks.

2015-11-12: We had to…

2015-11-08: After the Vikings win! Glad we got to do something unconventional for my parents anniversary. All …

2015-11-08: GO VIKES!!

2015-11-07: Great assembly day with some of my best friends.

2015-11-03: Watching #thedailyshow!!!!

2015-11-02: We went to go see Phantom of the Opera.

2015-11-01: We went to go see a little of the NYC Marathon today.

2015-11-01: Michael Scott was onto something when he said this is New York’s best pizza.

2015-10-29: Interviewing my mom for a story.

2015-10-24: It’s awesome to have family in town and stinks when they leave.

2015-10-18: Helping Jep move all of her stuff into a pod that we won’t have to unload haha

2015-10-04: Friends are family you choose.

2015-09-12: Writing letters at Grumpy Steve’s.

2015-09-05: Saw some beautiful sights today.

2015-09-04: We got some of our wedding pictures. This is one of my favorites.

2015-08-30: Our day at the fair! We had so much food! And we got to pet a pig.

2015-08-21: New Sit/Stand Desk! It’s quite awesome.

2015-07-26: At Pablo and Vanessa’s wedding shower #ourforeverstartsnow

2015-07-20: Had to repost this. Thanks so much for our gifts @jrogbebor!!

2015-07-14: Our last day in Barcelona.


2015-07-10: Walking around Barcelona. Kel might’ve wanted to hit me for taking so many pictures of her. …

2015-07-09: We rode the tour bus, saw where FC Barcelona plays, and swam in the Mediterranean! Jam packed day! …

2015-07-08: Greetings from Barcelona!

2015-07-06: We went to the Eiffel Tower! #timandkelbelEurope

2015-07-06: Reunited and it feels so good! #timandkelbelEurope

2015-07-05: The adventure begins in Chicago! #timandkelbelEurope

2015-07-04: Lunch with the guys before leaving to Europe.

2015-06-28: Dinner with my parents and other parents.

2015-06-27: Dinner after Day 2

2015-06-07: I made my Chicken Mozzarella Penne for the congregation potluck yesterday. Good stuff.

2015-05-19: They do call her Watermelon Kelly after all.

2015-05-15: We had such an amazing week at Bluefin Bay.

2015-05-09: We’re hitched!! #timandkelbel

2015-05-09: Today I marry my best friend, the love of my life, and the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. …

2015-04-20: With my baby at the assembly.

2015-04-20: The new multicultural musketeer.

2015-04-16: Holy moly!! So exciting. #timandkelbel

2015-04-04: Cutting the cake at our wedding shower.

2015-04-03: Kel and I after the memorial.

2015-03-22: Made grilled PB & J the other day. Quite good.

2015-03-21: Buying our bed!! #thecountdownbegins #timandkelbel

2015-03-14: My wife-to-be. We had such a great time with friends today.

2015-03-14: With my bro!

2015-03-05: Dinner. #cookingformybabe

2015-02-28: We went cake tasting today! It was so fun! …and tasty.

2015-02-20: Peanut butter, marshmallow, jamborees! Love these!

2015-02-14: One of our engagement pictures.

2015-02-13: My woman crush. Dang does she look good with red lipstick.

2015-02-12: Walking the pier with Kel.

2015-02-12: What’s with my face?

2015-02-10: Going to California! So exciting!!

2015-02-08: The love of my life. We took our engagement photos today and she looked so amazingly beautiful.

2015-01-28: Got these in the mail! So excited! #timandkelbel


2015-01-11: My favorite from the wedding. Love her with all my heart.

2015-01-03: Chino Latino with great friends!

2015-01-03: With my fiancèe and future in-laws.

2015-01-03: Pretending to be warm. Still looking great. #Los_Rangels_Wedding

2015-01-02: #Los_Rangels_Wedding

2014-12-23: We’re engaged!!

2014-12-22: The weekend was great.

2014-12-14: I don’t know what my face is all about… #campospartyoftwo

2014-12-14: So happy for these two #campospartyoftwo

2014-12-10: I miss these days. I miss Randy.

2014-12-07: Brunch after the meeting.

2014-11-23: At the Fat Pants Festival with my best friend.

2014-11-16: The Three Multi-Cultural Musketteers (November Edition)

2014-11-16: Kelly and I at our Circuit assembly.

2014-11-05: I’m so grateful to have this amazing woman in my life. She’s gorgeous inside and out.


2014-10-25: Kelly and I at the Glensheen estate.

2014-10-25: Lake Superior in the background.

2014-10-25: Went to the Glensheen estate with the fam.

2014-10-18: Saw this yesterday. Fall is my favorite season.

2014-10-17: This is what Jr calls service.

2014-10-13: A majestic moth. #imissmygirlfriend #whatamidoingwithmylife

2014-09-28: Ethan looking mighty sharp!


2014-09-28: Kelly and I at the English assembly.

2014-09-24: Love it when she bakes! 😍😍

2014-09-17: Hanging with the parental unit.

2014-09-01: The one we almost got kicked off the bus for haha

2014-09-01: Such a cute smile.

2014-09-01: 😍

2014-09-01: Went to the fair with this beautiful girl

2014-08-24: One of the whole group on a hike.

2014-08-24: Who knows what they’re looking at.


2014-08-24: To prove that Kelly does in fact read.

2014-08-24: Danielle can fall asleep in the most random of places.

2014-08-24: Quasi-superhero poses.

2014-08-24: Oh no!




2014-08-14: After Ninja Turtles on Tuesday. Terrible movie, great company.

2014-08-09: He was so cute.

2014-08-02: Had a great time at Spencer’s Grad Party.

2014-07-28: The Three Multi-Cultural Musketeers!

2014-07-28: With my parents at convention. The one where I’m actually looking at the camera.

2014-07-28: The one where I teach @jrogbebor how to Plié.

2014-07-13: Watching the World Cup! Go Argentina!!!

2014-07-10: This is how we do 8am service.

2014-07-01: After Salsa on Friday.

2014-06-28: Found this oldie while cleaning up tonight. Argentina was fun.

2014-06-27: Out on field service.

2014-06-24: Jenny’s goodbye dinner.

2014-06-21: This one is mostly for the Ethan photobomb.

2014-06-21: Lindsey and Karla.

2014-06-21: I don’t know what he’s doing…

2014-06-16: Rocking the bow tie.



2014-06-09: Man… Friday was so fun.

2014-06-08: Really enjoyed Micah’s visit.

2014-05-29: Plain yogurt, granola, and blackberries. Yum.


2014-05-19: The bride and groom looking so cool in this car. #mrandmrscorona

2014-05-19: The bridesmaids before the ceremony. #mrandmrscorona

2014-05-18: Before the ceremony #mrandmrscorona

2014-05-17: Documenting every moment. #mrandmrscorona

2014-05-17: You need a great breakfast to get married. #MrandMrsCorona

2014-05-13: The best meatballs evaaaar!

2014-05-13: Walking Times Square.

2014-05-13: The beautiful NYC skyline in the background.


2014-05-11: We did lunch in Illinois yesterday.

2014-05-11: On the road yesterday.

2014-05-03: Game night!


2014-04-24: Philip looking all important…

2014-04-22: Will we ever be able to go watch a movie in regular seats? I think not…

2014-04-17: Another one from last night.

2014-04-17: Pool with the guys last night.

2014-04-15: Jenny kicked all of our butts at Need For Speed yesterday…

2014-04-12: Yes, we take #selfies


2014-04-06: Beautiful morning with a slowly vanishing mountain of snow.

2014-03-28: Pizza and a movie at Kelly’s.

2014-03-26: Reorganizing luggage. Spirit is so strict!

2014-03-22: In Jocotenango.

2014-03-21: The view of the volcano is beautiful.

2014-03-17: On our way to Pana.

2014-03-14: Dinner with friends.

2014-03-03: Silly picture from the party

2014-02-28: Just lounging at the beach house in Monterrico.

2014-02-28: The pool in Monterrico.

2014-02-24: Volcán Hunahpú (Hunahpú Volcano)

2014-02-23: Field trip day.

2014-02-21: Paella from yesterday. Delish.

2014-02-18: Dinner tonight

2014-02-17: Beautiful view from the plane

2014-02-17: Story of my life haha

2014-01-20: So lazy, that he lays down by his bowl.


2013-12-25: After the movie.

2013-12-18: Beautiful morning.

2013-12-10: My daily cookie quota.

2013-12-07: New tie.

2013-12-04: How can something so beautiful be evil too?

2013-12-02: It was bound to happen eventually. The first real snow of the season.

2013-11-14: Haircut with my pops

2013-11-06: The gang is back.

2013-11-02: Look at that regal posture!

2013-10-28: Randy wants to come to NYC with me.

2013-10-26: The new desk and setup

2013-10-14: He likes napping under my monitor too…

2013-10-10: It’s here!!!

2013-10-06: Randy likes to nap on the cable box for some reason


2013-09-25: Slacking off on the job

2013-09-25: Season tickets arrived! (small Randy cameo)

2013-09-20: Coming alone nicely…

2013-09-13: “What’s this work thing you keep talking about?”

2013-09-12: Fast asleep…

2013-09-11: The view

2013-08-28: My @tonxcoffee is here!!

2013-08-23: Fruitiest drink evaaaaaar.

2013-08-23: Jambalaya!

2013-08-20: Oh hell yes.

2013-08-05: New shirt from @sensibleworld came today! Woot!

2013-07-25: Woot!!!!! It’s all here!

2013-07-24: Look what just came in the mail!

2013-07-02: Homemade burger

2013-07-02: Groceries!

2013-06-25: Sriracha Chicken Fried Rice!!

2013-05-28: Thanks @elliotjaystocks!

2013-05-23: Look what I got in the mail! Thanks @imyke :)

2013-05-19: Thunderstorm.

2013-05-12: What’s going on here?!

2013-05-05: Oh yes!

2013-05-02: Yes!!

2013-04-23: I did it!

2013-04-13: Ready for this road trip!!

2013-04-07: Sunday’s are great.

2013-04-01: Look what I got in the mail from @brentgalloway! #StayTrue

2013-03-27: Well this is exciting too…

2013-03-27: Well this is exciting…

2013-03-26: Love the new tie!

2013-03-19: It’s here!!

2013-03-04: New mug added to the collection

2013-02-22: Doing type sizing tests for #Lustramag

2013-01-28: New beanie! So warm!

2013-01-25: Yay! My @execute book is here! Thanks @drewwilson & @joshlong!

2013-01-23: Dinner!

2013-01-18: My first comedy club!

2013-01-15: French toast!

2013-01-12: Marshmallow breads!!

2013-01-07: The bow-tie is back!!

2013-01-05: Hot cocoa!

2012-12-30: Soul food!!

2012-12-22: Baklava

2012-12-21: #latergram

2012-12-14: Got my mug from @seanwes!!

2012-12-09: My car. Right now.

2012-12-09: This is what I woke up to.

2012-12-08: Just got my supr wallet in the mail.

2012-11-24: New @dribbble sticker from @stickermule! Thanks guys :)

2012-11-23: Watching Footloose. Oh yes.

2012-11-18: Tacos!! So good!

2012-11-09: I wait for this all year long.

2012-10-31: My awesome new short is here!

2012-10-26: Swag from @thegreatdiscontent! Thanks guys :)


2012-10-15: New book came in!

2012-10-14: Amazing bread pudding.

2012-10-06: It’s definitely Fall!! Pumpkin pie!

2012-09-30: Brunch!

2012-09-20: My @craftcoffee came!!

2012-09-16: Oh yes!

2012-09-01: Gellato!!

2012-08-26: Got myself a camera finally.


2012-08-17: S’mores!

2012-08-16: Pictures of @the_eastwing artwork are in web designer magazine!!! I’m excited :)

2012-08-13: Made myself a berry smoothie today!! Yummy

2012-08-10: Priceless!!

2012-08-10: Pizza Luce!

2012-08-09: New awesome chair!! Woo!!

2012-08-07: Tell me that’s not a mean sandwich!!

2012-08-05: My new spot…

2012-08-03: Got my @younggunsshow sticker in the mail!!! Thanks @galengidman!

2012-08-02: Haven’t been on one of these in a while…

2012-07-27: Mmmmm

2012-07-23: Mango something.. This Indian place is great!

2012-07-21: Yummm!!!

2012-07-21: The Paramount. Voted one of the best breakfast places in Boston.

2012-07-20: View from the hotel in Boston


2012-07-19: We grabbed a toad #lullaretreat

2012-07-14: Chillin

2012-07-13: Grubbin with the peeps!

2012-07-12: We meet again Suk Law Firm!

2012-07-10: Chili Nachos… Wish my Dad was here..

2012-07-06: Upgrading my RAM

2012-06-30: The time has finally come.

2012-06-27: So good.

2012-06-26: Oh yes!!

2012-06-24: Shrimp fried rice!

2012-06-23: Haircut today.

2012-06-18: Minnesota welcomes you!


2012-06-16: If only a picture could capture what I’m seeing…

2012-06-15: Best pin evaaaaar!!

2012-06-14: Carson gettin his first oil change

2012-06-14: Packing everything up. What a mess!!

2012-06-10: Probably my last time at the pier in a long time w/ @im_rico_and_i_know_it

2012-06-09: angelica_sau Arizona green tea is good but… The Green Machine is amazing!

2012-06-09: Type Nerd! Woo!!

2012-06-08: I tricked out my notebook! Oh yea!! #frontendconf

2012-06-08: First day of @frontendconf!!

2012-06-06: Boarding..

2012-06-03: Personalized my car a bit today

2012-06-02: The beach!

2012-05-30: Beautiful night view from the pier

2012-05-30: The pier!

2012-05-30: Grad ceremony

2012-05-29: Thanks @owltastic for designing this awesome shirt!

2012-05-28: Throwing away stuff before the big move! I’m so excited :)

2012-05-23: Oh yes! Thanks!

2012-05-22: Current status

2012-05-20: Oh yes!!

2012-05-16: It’s Wednesday night. That means its basketball night!

2012-05-13: First sticker to go on my car. Thanks @jglovier !!

2012-05-13: Just what I need.

2012-05-09: Basketball night!

2012-05-05: Oh yes!

2012-05-02: Look what I just got for tomorrow!

2012-04-26: Working at the coffee shop today.

2012-04-22: Amazing seats!!

2012-04-22: My first Padre game! This is gonna be fun!

2012-04-17: Ahh yea!!

2012-04-13: Finally! Feel like I’m the last person to read it and it’s barely the first week!

2012-04-09: Denny’s!!!

2012-04-05: Now I’m ready.

2012-04-05: Ready!!

2012-04-04: Love my job.

2012-04-02: Busy at work..

2012-03-28: Tacos for dinner!

2012-03-26: This just came in the mail.. What a big read!

2012-03-24: Had such a great time at the Laker game!

2012-03-23: Ready for the game!!!!

2012-03-22: jjeff, CEO of @lullabot talking about Videola #drupalcon

2012-03-21: Represent!

2012-03-21: jponch getting ready for his talk #botsinaction #drupalcon

2012-03-21: Drupalize.me Live w/ Michelle!

2012-03-20: This happened at the Lullabooth today #drupalcon

2012-03-20: Hanging in the Lullasuite w/ the bots!

2012-03-20: Me at the Lullabot Booth

2012-03-20: Downtown Denver at a beautiful 35°.

2012-03-19: Ahhh yea!! #drupalcon

2012-03-19: The View. #drupalcon

2012-03-19: The room. #DrupalCon

2012-03-18: Napoleon. One of the best pastries everrrr!

2012-02-27: New addition to the room. I love IKEA now.

2012-02-23: Look what just came! Excited to get started!

2012-02-22: Ramen for lunch!

2012-02-16: It’s here!!!

2012-02-14: This is what work looks like today. Love my job!!

2012-02-11: A little late to the party but.. Still made it! Love @abookapart!

2012-02-06: Gorgeous…

2012-02-03: I could really get used to this…

2012-01-29: Dad made custard!! Woohoo!!!

2012-01-29: Spending the evening with the parental units

2012-01-24: Rode Podcaster!! I’m no longer a recording amateur.. Ha

2012-01-20: The new toy!

2012-01-19: This is how I work!

2012-01-09: Did I say how excited I am to be back to work??

2012-01-08: Homemade crane asada fries

2011-12-27: Got some awesome swagg form the @getyardsale peeps!

2011-12-27: Sketching…

2011-12-21: Soup for lunch!

2011-12-19: Feeling a bit under the weather so.. I’m having some soup

2011-12-16: Loser Machine Company

2011-12-12: Chinese!! Yumm!!

2011-12-10: Pizza for lunch!

2011-12-09: That’s our city.. Tell me if you ever seen anything so lame..

2011-12-09: Barely 8:30 and already in bed.. What’s wrong with me?

2011-12-05: All ready!

2011-12-03: Downtown San Diego

2011-12-03: Coffee in the morning to get the brain working.

2011-11-30: My first Mac ever.. Now on its way to be recycled..

2011-11-22: Holy crap! This is a lot of crap!

2011-11-13: Happy Anniversary guys..

2011-11-13: Beans and egg for breakfast..

2011-11-11: A gingerbread latte is good for the soul..

2011-11-09: Five Guys for lunch!!

2011-11-07: Looking at.. Who knows what hahaha

2011-10-29: View from my front door

2011-10-27: Pegao!

2011-10-26: Dominic making himself very comfortable.

2011-10-24: Working!

2011-10-02: She’s cute…

2011-09-30: Boston… Here I come

2011-09-26: Morning Joe

2011-09-22: Dinner!! Haha

2011-09-08: I think I might be addicted to these..

2011-09-08: Working at Zeus Jones

2011-09-05: Coffee earlier today.. Amazing

2011-08-30: Now that’s a beautiful leaf!

2011-08-28: Watching a play!

2011-08-26: Bonfire all night

2011-08-26: Found a frog today..

2011-08-11: Wireframing like it’s going out of style!

2011-08-02: Got my “Responsive Web Design” book from @abookapart!! Woo!!

2011-07-22: Maroon 5 concert!!

2011-07-13: They’re sketching out a mural around here..

2011-07-10: Gettin my tan on!

2011-07-08: Starbucks!!!

2011-07-07: Blackout Cake at Cheesecake Factory..

2011-07-05: Watching The Office.. Awesome

2011-06-29: Fruttos!! Jeremy.. You missed out.

2011-06-28: Hard at work…

2011-06-20: 102° in Moreno Valley… I’m dying.

2011-06-18: Carne Asada Fries… Yum!!!

2011-06-17: On the plane.. Why can’t it stay empty like this??

2011-06-16: Oh boy.. She’s getting into it..

2011-06-15: Shrimp Fried Rice

2011-06-14: Abi makin dinner.. Yum

2011-06-08: Getting ready for Carne Asada.. Ahhh yeaaa